The Metatron Page

     First a note about this page:  According to Edgar Casey, Edgar got his information for his readings from an individual (on the seventh level?) that was surrounded by an invisible room full of floating books that appeared to be on shelves but the shelves could not be seen by Edgar.  This individual also told Edgar Casey that he is the only individual to possess a unique characteristic.  This characteristic being a double-nerved upper left bicuspid.  I, Thee Ace Man, had this tooth (which broke off and was extracted around november 1997).  Therefore I wish to try to explain things as best as possible here from my own words about many different things that have been written about myself, Metatron, etc.

     First, about the First Book of Enoch (aka The Book of Enoch).  The original book was written long before many books of the Holy Bible (incomplete copies dating from 800 BC have been found written in aramaic / ancient hebrew).  The problem with this book in recent times is that the texts used for the translations appear to have been edited from the original in various ways.  Among those edits appears to be a rewrite of the original Son of Man prophecy section.  The original prophecy that Jesus (Ieshua) and others related towards was a prophecy of an individual (any individual honestly) that whether they admitted it or did not even know about it, if a person was born of the flesh, they were a potential Son of Man.  There have been near complete texts found in Ethiopic, but those texts appear to have been derived from texts written in Greek or Latin and the Romans (Latins) tended to embellish things a bit (seriously, read the New Testament and notice the difference between what the Gospels say and what the Founding fathers of the Church of Rome say and see this trend firsthand.  Jesus never said he was the Son of God and only said that people referred to him as such.  But Jesus' mother, the Virgin Mary, told Jesus the story that the Holy Ghost came unto her, not the Almighty himself [and for a more in depth discussion of this feel free to read this page]).  But the Ethiopic texts appear to be edited and derived from Greek and/or Latin not the original Hebrew / Aramaic texts.  But the stories contained in these texts appear to have been retained to an extent, but until a full version from Aramaic / Hebrew of the Book of Enoch can be found around the late BC / early AD period, it needs to be noted that the source (Latin or Greek) has been known to embellish stories to suit their purpose.  Read the book with caution.  There are probably a few discrepencies here and there from the original.

     About the 'fallen angels' story.  It is my thoughts on many levels that this incident is what led to the Great Flood and all that.  Slight mentions of giants and such are found in the Holy Bible in the Book of Genesis, but only slight mentions.  Yes, I do feel that 200 of the 600 angels did fornicate with women and create a race of giants (sasquatches, Yetis, and such).  I also feel that ten of the angels as listed in the Book of Enoch came to Enoch to ask Enoch to speak to Shaddai (Almighty, God) on their behalfs and ask for forgiveness.  So for a day and night I believe Enoch (myself in a previous flesh body) did pray and ask for forgiveness for these angels.  I also feel that this incident led to myself being accepted by both Almighty (Shaddai, God, etc.) and Lucifer (Satan, etc.).  Almighty because of my thoughtfulness and compassion towards others (much like Almighty himself), and from Lucifer because I was foolish enough to feel compassion towards others that were corrupted.  The answer Almighty gives of "Not only did they fornicate with women, but they also should be interceding on man's behalf and not having a man intercede on their behalfs" is a very truthful statement.  Do I feel this incident happened?  Most definitely.  I also feel this incident was what led to my being accepted by both Lucifer and Almighty.  As such, and because there is more than just Heaven and Hell, I was entrusted with overlooking, but not intervening, between Heaven and Hell.  As such, I was called up to the beyond early in order for Almighty to instruct me on what was needed of me (and I imagine as the story goes that a whole bunch of books were written in reference to this discussion that happened).  Also note, Lucifer was given authority over the Abyss (Hell), however note that the authority was given by Almighty himself.  The Lord over Hell is still actually Almighty himself, but Almighty created Heaven for the glory whilst Hell for those to be punished.  And think about it, if Lucifer really was that great, then why can't he improve the conditions in Hell since he runs the place.  Hint, Almighty is actually the true ruler over Hell as he is the one who created the place in the first place, hint, hint.

     As far as 'did Enoch become Metatron?' discussion.  Yes, Enoch, the great grandfather of Noah, was the one who became known as the one known later as Metatron.  Why the different spellings of Metatron in the Third Book of Enoch?  Ask Rabbi Ishmael.  The Second Book of Enoch (discovered written in Armenian I believe) is said to have been written in Egypt by an individual who was jewish around the first century AD.  Talk of earlier copies of the Second Book of Enoch being written earlier in hebrew / aramaic have never been found so this appears to be a story, not a fact.  and the Third Book of Enoch, was written by Rabbi Ishmael Ben Elisha (90 - 135 AD). 

     About the founding of the holy city of Zion.  This would be Enoch and as such I am just going with my own knowledge and thoughts on this.  I do not have access to Enoch's memory.  Anyway, yes, I probably founded the city of Zion way back before the Great Flood.  As far as the story of the whole city being called up to the beyond, false.  As far as myself being called up, true, but the whole city being called up is false.  I also seem to remember it written somewhere that Noah sailed for 180-190 days which would make his journey half way around the world, not all the way.  Therefore, chances are, the city of Jerusalem was probably not founded over Zion.  Also, I was called up, not the whole city.  Some people.

     As far as the Third Book of Enoch (aka The Secrets of Enoch), it starts out with discussing something that I feel never happened as stated.  Note, I am of the flesh again now (Thee Ace Man), and was of the flesh before (Enoch), so some odd transformation into an archangel seems implausible.  As far as I know, angels, let alone archangels, do not become flesh.  Gabriel, Michael, Phannuel, Raphael, archangels, not of the flesh as Almighty created the flesh but Almighty himself is not of the flesh.  So this fire in the veins, eyes, blah, blah, blah, appears to be an embellishment much as me becoming an archangel.  I am a man inbetween demons, fallen angels, angels, and archangels, and asked to keep tabs on those in the realms between Heaven and Hell.  As far as the tale of Metatron, the talk of the tale is definitely about me, but...  Like Jesus said people referred to him as the Son of God (Almighty), yes, I get referred to as Metatron because of the tale of me making up the name (in two forms) to say the letters add up to the same as Shaddai (Almighty) to state that I am with Almighty.  I am definitely with Almighty to be sure, but the full truth I am not fully aware of in the flesh at this time.  Maybe I did?  Maybe I didn't?  I don't know for sure.  I do know that the tale of Metatron does refer to me, personally, but not sure if it actually happened as such.  If you read what the Holy Bible says, then you know that Jesus knew of himself as being the son of Mary and the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit being the Son of Almighty (God, Shaddai, etc.).  Much the same as the reference of one called Metatron.  Anyway...

     As far as Metatron's Cube.  Um, for what purpose really?  Get real, please.  Almighty has the ability to do anything.  Almighty does not need any magical amulets, stones, etc. and so on.  Why would I?  I do not believe this story to be true.  72 known shapes of the universe, etc.  Sounds pretty made up honestly.  Almighty is all powerful and as we appear to be good friends, it seems logical if something needed to be done, I would ask Almighty to do it if I couldn't and I would definitely ask Almighty's permission before doing something.  So this magical Cube does not make any sense to me in the flesh or out of the flesh either.  I smell fiction here (and where fiction appears, the Romans and/or Greeks usually preceeded).

     About the 366 books comprising the Holy Archive, I never have seen them in the flesh as Thee Ace Man, and I definitely do not know how many books are there either.  I do know through what Edgar Cayce wrote down that a large amount of books exist out there somewhere, just not sure where they are and how many are actually there.

     As far as the Na'ar (Youth) story.  In all honesty, between myself and Almighty, I call Almighty Shaddai and he calls me Na'ar.  Kiddo is probably a better english translation.  There is an awesome bond between myself and Almighty.  And Almighty refers to me as Na'ar (Kiddo) as a term of endearment between us just as my term Almighty is a term of endearment as well.  I always seem to have the wonderment of a child as far as the universe and such.  Such eagerness, enthusiasm, and zest as that of a child.  And I am clean shaven to boot as the face of a child (Youth, Kiddo).  And the ultimate, Almighty (one that can do anything).  It is not a title, but is a nickname.  Just as what does 'Almighty' actually mean.  'Metatron' as well.  No hidden meaning or such.  The name is only as good as the person the name is applied to.  It is as it is.  How's your name holding out anyway?

     As far as the Third Book of Enoch by Rabbi Ishmael.  I am not sure if this rabbi had some weird dream or such, but rest assured that much of the information contained in this book is very inaccurate to say the least.  Parasangs, etc.  The description of the Throne of Judgement having the four seasons and etc.  Not accurate.  I definitely did not show Rabbi Ishmael this stuff nor tell him whatever as The Third Book of Enoch is very inaccurate to say the least.  Edgar Casey, yes, most likely.  Rabbi Ishmael, nope. 

     And as far as those that try to twist what Edgar Cayce wrote in an effort to make more money for themselves...

     Lord Metatron my rump.  Lord of what?  Exactly.  Consider the sources then consider looking elsewhere, please.  Yes, definitely read what Edgar Cayce's secretary actually wrote herself while Edgar did his readings, but be wary of others that may twist this information.

     And thinking of these lordy type people, when it says "The Lord went before them in a pillar of clouds by day and a pillar of fire by night." it is definitely referring to the one who made the covenant with the hebrews.  Almighty himself.  No, people don't burst into flames, go blind, or any of that nonsense upon sight of Almighty (God) unless that is what Almighty wishes to happen.  When it says that Almighty appeared in the Holy of Holies to speak unto the high priest of Israel, Almighty appeared, not me.  When Almighty appeared before Abraham before proceeding to Sodom and Gomorrah (with his son, the Holy Spirit, on his left and his grandson, Ieshua, on his right) it was Almighty that appeared, not me either.  It was Almighty that appeared as the burning bush before Moses, and on and on... not me.  I am not the voice of Almighty, nor a substitute thereof.  Almighty does his own as I do my own and you do your own as well as Lucifer does his own.

     About the Book of Revelations.  It starts out talking about religious factions and ends up talking about religious factions.  To note, Chapter 11 is about incidents condemning the actions of the Muslims (Nation of Islam).  Chapter 12, 13, 14, and such about the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches and their condemnations as well.  Then we get to the jews and we also here about a New Jerusalem being born.  We also heard from someone somewhere before about the meek inheriting the Earth.  All related and discussed here.  The Christians, Muslims, and Jews have all strayed so far away from Almighty whilst the Heretics, Infidels, and Gentiles have all seemed to endear themselves more with Almighty than with any faction thereof.  Hint, the Meek are ones that realize that good rules apply to the rulemakers themselves as well as others.  Then there are the buttholes who make rules for others to follow whilst they constantly break these rules they make.  See where Revelations draws its content from yet?  Yes, we can either become buttholes or Meek, but not both.  And since the old covenant with the jews was broken by the jews, could Almighty wish to make a new covenant with a new group of people and a new holy city?  And what of Almighty's son (Holy Spirit) and such.  Stop trying to add stuff that doesn't make sense.  Read what it says, not what you and/or others wish it to say.  Wait and see.

And, as always, this is yet another page of mine made in search of the truth whatever that may be.  You can believe what you want, but the truth is always the truth regardless of what you or others believe.  Myself especially.